stilinskisgallagher asked:

Prompt: Allison's still alive. Scallison as pseudo-parents for Liam. Whenever he asks Scott to do something or for something and Scott says no, he just goes to Allison and she says yes. Cutesie Scallison arguments ensue over this fact <3

stydiasredstring answered:

“But that’s not fair,” Liam whined, not even caring that he sounded like a kid. “Everyone’s going to this party Scott. Why do I have to miss it?”

“It’s only your third full moon. I’d rather you safe at home, then almost clawing one of your friend’s faces off,” Scott offered him a pat on the shoulder. “And Liam there will be other parties, trust me.”

“That’s crap, I already have better control. I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. Please.”

“The answers no. Stay home and study or something, but you are not going to Lydia’s party, end of discussion.”

Liam huffed as his alpha walked off. There had to be a way for him to go to Lydia’s party, there just had to. He spun around kicking his backpack into the wall.

“Hey Liam, you okay?” Allison’s voice caught his attention, and he turned to her, offering a pathetic smile.


She grinned, sliding across the wall to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, nudging his arm playfully. “What’s wrong?”

“It’ll sound stupid,” he mumbled mostly to himself.

She raised a brow. “Try me?”

“Scott won’t let me go to Lydia’s party because it’s on the full moon,” he replied crossing his arms. “I can handle it, I know I can.”

“Liam last month you tried to scratch Stiles’ eyes out.”

“I said I was sorry,” he groaned, his face etched into a pout. “Allison, I know I can do this, and it’s not fair. Everyone’s gonna be there, including Mason, I just want to have some fun.”

Allison smiled as she draped her arm around him. “I’ll tell you what, if you promise me, you can be on your best werewolf behavior then I’ll deal with Scott.”

“You mean I can go to the party?” Liam looked at her, a hopeful look passing his face.

“Yes, you can go. But I’m serious Liam, I don’t even want to see you get annoyed at anything. Got it?”

“Yes, of course,” He was bouncing now, a full smile on his face. “Thank you, so much. You’re the best.”

“No problem,” Allison rolled her eyes. “Now get to class, because if you get detention, no amount of sweet talking will get you any party privileges.”

“Class, yes. I will go to class,” Liam grabbed his bag, walking down the hall. “And I will get my homework done before then.”

“See you later Liam,” Allison waved as he ran off down the hall.

Saturday rolled around and Lydia’s party was in full swing. The pack was having a blast. Kira and Malia were off dancing in the center of a crowd of people. Lydia was trying to outwit Stiles with PSAT prep questions, so far they were tied. And he and Allison were standing to the side, enjoying a free moment to themselves. But then Scott caught the scent. Liam had just walked out on the patio, Mason in tow.

“I can’t believe him,” Scott noted with a hint of annoyance. “I tell him to do one thing and he completely disregards it.”

Allison turned following his gaze. Her heart rate increasing when she spotted Liam. “Oh, right. I knew I was forgetting something.”

“Forgetting what?”

“I sort of told Liam he could come tonight,” she shrugged moving over to the refreshment table.

Scott followed. “I’m sorry you what?”

“I told him, as long as he kept things under control, that there was no reason to miss the party.”

“And you didn’t think maybe you should tell me this?”

“What’s the big deal Scott?  You went to Lydia’s party on your third full moon,” she countered grabbing a carrot.

“Yes and then we were all poisoned with hallucinogenic wolfsbane; I don’t think we should take a full stroll down memory lane,” he snapped.

Allison crossed her arms as she pursed her lips. “I’m gonna assume the moon is effecting your attitude, because otherwise this might turn out exactly like last time, and you will end up poisoned with wolfsbane.”

Scott sighed, before he tried again. “You can’t just cut in and tell Liam he can do something after I already told him no. I’m his alpha, he has to respect my decisions.”

“He does. He just really wanted to be a normal teenager tonight,” she grabbed Scott by the face turning his head until he was looking at Liam. “Look how happy and at ease he is. I’m no werewolf, but even I can tell he’s just fine.”

“I worry about him,” Scott conceded leaning back against the table. “I can’t lose him like Derek lost Boyd and Erica.”

“I know,” she wrapped her arms around his neck with a smile. “And you won’t. Because you’re not in this alone Scott. You have me, and between the two of us we can handle one beta.”

He smirked pulling her closer. “You know I’ve been thinking, maybe we should expand the pack, add a few more betas.”

“Are you going to find another hunter girlfriend to help you with that?” she teased.

“You’re really good with him.” He looked at her, with a smile. “Thank you, for being so good with this.”

“He’s your beta. It’s hard not to like him.”

Scott leaned in kissing her softly, before he pulled back rolling his eyes. “You know what this means right?”


“Now he knows that when I say no he can just go to you and get it over turned. You’re gonna spoil him.”

And then she was collapsed against him in a fit of laughter that he could help join in.