Anonymous asked:

i geninually dont think allison and lydia were as close as everyone makes them out to be. yes they were friends but the had one scene together every ten episodes. yes they were best friends and obviously lydias gonna be sad but not as bad as you make her come across in yours fics mostly every one has a sob story about ali

stydia-fanfiction answered:

Allison helped change Lydia into a better person. They bonded through some pretty serious shit and once you’ve been through tragedy with someone there’s an understanding there. You don’t think they were that close but at 16/17 your best friend is a huge part of who you are for most people and that’s not even taking what they’ve been through into consideration. 

If my best friend died I would be crippled by grief, especially if she was ripped from the world in such a cruel way. 

Allison was Lydia’s first real friend. 

The grief we write for her is justified.